Every physical asset in the world Can Be turned Into an NFT

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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Preferential Access

Receive preferential access to Mattereum services.

Mattereum Token​

Access Mattereum Discount Tokens enabling economically efficient, high-value transactions.*

List & Trade Assets​

List and trade your own physical assets, or take legal ownership of those you purchase.

Be A Guarantor​

Stake value as a guarantor for assets in risk management DAOs.

* Prospective Mattereum members should note that Mattereum’s services and the Mattereum Discount Token may not be available in all jurisdictions.

Imagine You Can Buy A Car Or House In Minutes

Thanks to Mattereum’s legaltech framework, the Trustable NFT makes you the legal owner of the physical asset.

Friction-Free Trade​

Unlike other NFTs, the Trustable NFT is underpinned by a Mattereum Asset Passport and ensures authenticity via several certifier-backed warranties. 

Certify Authenticity

Certify an asset’s provenance, condition and attributes with expert evaluation by independent specialists.

Simplify Legal Processes

Increase efficiency of legal processes for managing ownership, possession and usage of an asset.

Maximise Value

The MAP (Mattereum Asset Passport) tells the story of the asset’s provenance. With these details backed by certifiers, sellers can maximise an asset’s true value.

Secure Buyers’ Trust

Secure buyers’ confidence with legal warranties and comprehensive documentation backed by certifiers.

Maximise Value

The MAP (Mattereum Asset Passport) tells the story of the asset’s provenance. With these details backed by certifiers, sellers can maximise an asset’s true value.

Secure Buyers’ Trust

Secure buyers’ confidence with legal warranties and comprehensive documentation backed by certifiers.

Make Borderless Transactions

With no international transaction fees, instant sales across jurisdictions and immediate transfer of funds, vendors can trade physical assets in markets across the globe.

Build a Circular Economy

Encourage the re-use of valuable assets, so that we produce less environmental waste and goods stay in circulation for future generations.

Live On OpenSea Now​

Timmy Trumpet’s ETERNAL​

A prized trumpet belonging to superstar DJ Timmy Trumpet is auctioned as a Trustable NFT. The Asset Passport records the instrument’s provenance, conservation and performance information, preserving its cultural significance for future generations of musicians.

Gold Bar

Instead of only owning an IOU, investors can safely buy or sell ownership of physical gold bars. The Asset Passport binds each individually numbered gold bar to a Trustable NFT, and ownership can be transferred without the bar needing to leave the vault.

Alexander The Great Warhol

A colour screenprint of Alexander the Great produced and signed by legendary pop art icon Andy Warhol is auctioned as a Trustable NFT. The Asset Passport is a transparent documentation of the line of ownership for the original print, along with publication records tied to the piece’s museum exhibition. 

How It Works

Mattereum stores physical assets in secured vaults and creates a corresponding NFT for each asset. The NFT is a digital framework  that acts as a voucher to redeem the underlying asset.

With Mattereum membership, you can:


Your physically-backed NFT on OpenSea or other marketplaces.


Your NFT on the Mattereum platform to redeem the underlying asset. The real asset can be shipped globally.


Your valued collection in the Metaverse as NFTs and connect with other users.

Strategic Partnerships​

Strategic Partnerships​

These partnerships are with other actors in the space developing complementary technology or legal and policy innovations.


Mattereum was founded in 2017 by the Ethereum launch coordinator, Vinay Gupta. Our team has five years of experience in deep legal and tech research, synthesising multiple sectors for the first time.

Mattereum was founded in 2017 by the Ethereum launch coordinator, Vinay Gupta.

Our team has five years of experience in deep legal and tech research, synthesising multiple sectors for the first time.

Vinay Gupta​

Founder & CEO

Former Ethereum
Launch Coordinator

Anton Shelupanov FRSA

Managing Director

Justice System

Dr. James Hester FRSA

Head of Ontology

Former Curator of Arms & Armour
at the Tower of London

Thomas Barker​

Consulting Engineer

Gold Industry


Phase Zero

Mattereum raised funds before the product went live.

Phase One

Product went live in 2021, selling items on OpenSea including gold bars, a collection for William Shatner, diverse antiquities, collectibles, and more.

Mattereum has launched a waitlist.

New Asset Classes

First 400 Oz “Good Delivery” gold bullion bars

First “Trustable” NFTs

First fine musical instruments on-chain (Stradivarius family instruments)

Q3 2022 - Q1 2023

Phase Two

The Mattereum system starts to burn Mattereum Discount Tokens for transactions

New blockchain platform future integration




NEAR and more to come

Q2 - Q4 2023

Phase Three

At this point Mattereum projects it will have a substantial economy running ~$100m of assets or more.

Mattereum expects that most of the companies currently launching NFTs for physical assets will become Mattereum customers*.

* It’s more economically efficient to have one company deal with the hard legal and custody issues surrounding physical assets – and then license that capability to companies making NFTs – than to have every NFT project create its own legal and custodial system.


Mattereum are a company that makes the truth actionable when buying and selling goods, by creating Mattereum Asset Passports (MAP), which are digital passports for physical assets that link the two and connect them through legally enforceable warranties that guarantee the truth of the statements.

These give the current passport owners legal redress. If any of the statements prove false, then they can trigger a process for compensation through an arbitration procedure enforceable in 168 countries.


An immutable digital record that contains a collection of legally enforceable warranties about a physical or other asset paired with an NFT which together form a Trustable NFT.


NFTs used as a digital receipt and a mechanism for improving truth in trade via Mattereum Asset Passports (MAPs). A Trustable NFT improves the trustworthiness of assets traded as NFTs, which helps to reduce fraud and provides a legal mechanism if the warranties are false. Using NFTs provide built in and verifiable digital ownership of the asset.


Because its warranties are legally enforceable. Warranties attached to a Mattereum Asset Passport (MAP) entitle the owner of a Trustable NFT to make a claim if any of the information warrantied by the passport proves false. Those Warranties are enforceable under the 1958 New York Convention on Arbitration, valid in 168 countries. Anyone providing a Warranty for a MAP has to provide a financial indemnity against the information they give as a guarantee that it is correct.


Unlike normal NFTs, the Trustable NFT acts as the proof of authenticity, proof of ownership, history of ownership and method to transfer ownership and royalties for physical assets.  All physical assets paired with a Mattereum Trustable NFT are kept in secure vaults. The owner of a Mattereum Trustable NFT paired with a physical asset can keep the asset in the vault and sell the NFT without the asset having to be moved in any way.


At the moment, when you buy a Mattereum Trustable NFT, you are provided with the location of the vault where the associated physical asset is stored. You also get a legally-binding promise that you can retrieve  the asset on request (there may be additional fees like shipping fees). You can access the asset by following the written procedure for presenting your NFT to the vault owners as your proof of ownership. Shortly, it will be possible to Asset Passport items that are not in vaults, but have digital tags that connect them to their Trustable NFT. Exchanging non-vaulted assets will require a third party condition report.


If the asset is totally destroyed, it will no longer be possible to trade the associated NFT. In that case you will need to contact Mattereum to burn the NFT so that it ceases to exist. If the asset is damaged and no longer worth what it was previously, the asset will need to be recertified at the new value and details of the damage added to the Mattereum asset passport (MAP). If the asset can be repaired and this is done, details of the repair should also be added to the conservation record on the MAP. If the asset is destroyed or damaged while vaulted (e.g. by a fire in the warehouse) you would be able to claim for the value of the item or its repair from the vaulter’s insurance, after which the above processes to update the MAP and/or NFT should be followed.


For a new item, the  certifier for the first warranty is the manufacturer. If it is something that is already in existence,(e.g. a historic artwork) the first certifier would be the seller. The second certifier providing a warranty is anyone doing the condition report. This could, for example, be a tailor for an item of vintage clothing, or an art historian for a painting, or it could be the original manufacturer. Condition warranties need to be made by an independent certifier. Warranties for other aspects of an item would be done by any appropriate professional relating to the aspect of the object being warrantied, for example, there might be a warranty from a surveyor for a real estate MAP.

The Warranty Agreement which can be found linked in the Contract section of each warranty in a Mattereum Asset Passport contains the procedure necessary to lodge a claim against a warranty.

If a dispute over a warranty reveals that information in that warranty is false, the Certifier who provided that warranty is liable for compensating the buyer up to the amount specified in that warranty’s Maximum Liability (as determined by either settlement or the decision of the arbitrator in that dispute). 


If you have not taken physical possession of the asset and it remains vaulted, you can sell it via its NFT in any NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. If you have taken physical possession of the object and suspended its NFT you can sell your asset just as you would sell any other physical asset. If you wish to sell an asset you have taken physical possession of as an NFT once more, you need to revault the asset, have it recertified and the NFT reactivated by Mattereum, then you can once again sell it through an NFT marketplace.